Student Engagement and Peer Programs

Student Engagement collaborates with departments and faculties across SFU to enhance, design, or evaluate student staff or volunteer programs. In addition, we administer core elements of Peer Education and Peer Mentorship by offering support in training curriculum, program structure, and administration. 

What are the benefits of Peer Programs?

Improve and expand your impact. Students are highly influenced by their peers. A student volunteer or student staff can help strengthen the connection between your department and your target audience, while helping your department reach more students.

Contribute to student learning. Peer Programs provide student volunteers with learning and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. Students gain a personalized, professional-development action plan in addition to a wealth of work-related skills and hands-on experience that is beneficial for their career.

Be resource effective. We offer consultations, modify existing curriculum, and provide administrative support based on your needs.

How can I get started?

Our collaboration starts by partnering with you to outline and implement your program from recruitment and training to evaluation and recognition.

Meet with our team to discuss:

  • Peer Programs
  • Faculty or department-specific student engagement programs
  • Other SFU-affiliated engagement program or activity

Please contact us at to find out more!

Peer Mentorship Programs Toolkit

The Peer Mentorship Programs Toolkit was developed with support and inspiration from a number of different SFU Peer Mentorship programs. The intention of this document is to develop a consistency with regards to expectations, guidelines, and general structure of SFU Peer Mentorship programs while maintaining the uniqueness of each program for each respective faculty, department, or area. This document provides suggestions for your Peer Mentorship programs when it comes to program goals, learning outcomes for Mentors and Mentees, and suggestions with regards to marketing, job descriptions, guidelines, and assessment.

Need help?

Contact and we will do our best to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate contact person. Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to respond.