Enrol in classes

How to Enrol in classes

You will receive your Enrolment appointment date and time — letting you know the first time you can Enrol — in an email to your SFU inbox in late June.

  1. Log in at goSFU with your computing ID and password.
  2. Either look at Account Inquiry in the main window (i.e. the "Student Center") or click on Self Service in the top drop-down menu and go to Campus Finances to find "Account Inquiry". Check if your Overall Balance is -$250 if you're a domestic student (-$5000 if you're an international student). This shows that the admission deposit has been paid, which will allow you to Enrol in classes.
  3. Check your Enrolment Appointment time, either in the Enrolment Dates box on the right side of the screen or under Enrolment.
  4. Check Class Search / Browse Catalog to see if you have prerequisites for the courses you are planning to enrol in and to check the time, day, and location of your chosen courses.
  5. Enrol in classes on or after your Enrolment Appointment date.

Add, swap and dropping classes

  • You can continue to add or swap classes until the end of the first week of classes.
  • You may drop classes after enrolling in them, but you should be aware of the potential academic and/or financial penalties, depending on when you drop a course.  See Deadlines.
  • Note that students in Surrey cohorts (such as FASS One, Science Year One) are normally expected to be enrolled at a minimum in their cohort core courses for each term of the cohort program.
  • See more information on enrolling in Surrey courses.  Please see your cohort advisor if you have any concerns about your Enrolment.
  • After courses are added, swapped, or dropped, always check My Class Schedule to see if those courses were successfully added, swapped, or dropped.

Need to contact us?

For documents and enrolment information:

Phone: 778.782.6930

When you contact us, please give us your student number.

Pay Your Fees

There are several ways you can pay for your tuition and fees after you have enrolled in classes. The most convenient way to pay is through either online or telephone banking with your bank or credit union.  Avoid lineups!

Refunds/Direct deposit

If you are expecting a refund related to a Scholarship, Award, Bursary or Overpayment, you must Enrol in Direct Deposit to get your refund. 

Direct Deposit refunds are processed weekly as compared to a refund by cheque printed monthly.

To get your refund:

  1. Enrol in Direct Deposit at least five (5) business days before the refund date.
  2. Complete the Online Refund Request at goSFU, under Finances.
  3. Check the status of your request in your student account on goSFU at 'View Previous Online Refund Requests'.