Call for work, Small File Media Festival

Call for work: First Annual Small File Media Festival
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2020

What do cat videos, facial recognition and porn all have in common? You can find them at the first annual Small File Media Festival!

The coronavirus pandemic is showing us how dependent people are on streaming media. Streaming media currently is responsible for about 3% of our global carbon footprint, 1% of that from pornography streaming alone. In the worst-case scenario that figure could arise to 20% by 2030. That’s a lot of coal for cat videos, Netflix, and porn !

Use your artistic voice to contribute to climate change action and cool down the planet. We make HD, 4K, and 5G look unnecessary, unsexy, and so last decade. Small files are intellectual, innovative, attractive, creative, and fun. We encourage the exploration of experimental processes through low energy technologies to deconstruct the fetishization of the pristine image.

If we can get together physically, the Small File Media Festival will be held August 10-12 in the beautiful cinema at Simon Fraser University in glorious Vancouver, Canada, and streamed in curated programs of tiny files. Selected works will be screened live and receive a rental fee. We will be featuring an “obsolete” media viewing platform for submissions with alternative technologies, and an anti-facial-recognition fashion show and workshops alongside the festival. Additionally, all accepted works will have the option of being curated and streamed online through energy conscious means.

If we can’t get together physically, we’ll stream curated programs of tiny files.

Come join us and celebrate the beauty of the small file!
Submit through or visit us at

File size restricted to 5 megabytes of fun! Size to aim for:
1 megabyte per minute Length: 1-5 minutes Must record/submit processing/encoding time
Looping media welcomed

Aesthetic Invention Supersmall files (how low can you go!)
Narrative Documentary Porn Sports Cat videos Animation GIFs ‘Obsolete’ technologies Pre and post-apocalyptic media
Cross-platform works (one version for live screening, another for streaming. Please include one minute excerpt of the live work)
Anything Imaginable!

For tips on making small files, visit

Coronavirus shows need for small-file media

Because so many people are streaming media during the Coronavirus crisis, and under pressure from European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton, YouTube has followed Netflix Europe in the decision to restrict quality to standard definition. It's great because it sets a precedent for enjoying non-HD movies. Thanks to fellow small-filer Jason Livingston for this.

Guidelines coming soon for the First Annual Small-File Media Festival!
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