Basics of Ramsey Theory

Veselin Jungić, Basics of Ramsey Theory, Routledge, 2023


The purpose of this book is to serve as a gentle introduction to Ramsey theory for those interested in becoming familiar with this dynamic segment of contemporary mathematics that combines, among others, ideas from number theory and combinatorics.

This book is intended to be accessible to undergraduate students, mathematicians, and educators curious to learn more about Ramsey theory.

I had three major motivations for writing it:

The only real prerequisites to fully grasp the material presented in the book, to paraphrase Fikret Vajzović, a Bosnian mathematician, 1928-2017, are knowing how to read and write and possessing a certain level of mathematical maturity. In other words, my presentation of the material is based on an assumption of the reader's maximum intelligence and minimum background.

Any undergraduate student who has successfully completed the standard calculus sequence of courses and a standard entry level linear algebra course and has a genuine interest in learning mathematics should be able to master the main ideas presented in this book.

The Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers At This Party

The "Ramsey Theory Podcast: No Strangers at This Party" is created by a group of students from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Veselin Jungic.

This podcast celebrates Ramsey theory and the people working in this dynamic field of modern mathematics.

Through their conversations with undergraduate students, some of today's most notable Ramsey theorists talk about their first experiences with mathematics, their times as undergraduate and graduate students, their views about Ramsey theory and mathematics in general, and about their research interests.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.


Student Projects


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Art by Kyra Pukanich and Veselin Jungic:

Bartel van der Waerden

Issai Schur

Richard Rado

vdW Schur Rado

Frank Ramsey

Alfred Hales and Robert Jewett

Leo and William Moser

Ramsey HJ Moser

Ron Graham

Vitaly Bergelson and Alexander Leibman

Ben Green and Terence Tao

Ron Poly Poly

Frank Ramsey (Art by Simon Roy and Veselin Jungic)

Anna and Paul Erdős (Art by Listiarini Listiarini and Veselin Jungic)

Városliget Park, Budapest, Hungary (Art by Bethani L'Heureux and Veselin Jungic)

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