A collection of problems in differential calculus
Veselin Jungic — Petra Menz — Randall Pyke

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No project such as this can be free from errors and incompleteness. I will be grateful to everyone who points out any typos, incorrect statements, or sends any other suggestion on how to improve this collection.

Lecture Notes

To completely grasp the material contained in these class lecture notes, the student will occasionally need help of a more knowledgeable other: the instructor, a peer, a book, or Google.

Course Notes (pdf)
Precalculus Precalculus
Differentiable Calculus
with Jamie Mulholand
Calculus 1
Integral calculus
with Jamie Mulholand
Calculus 2
Multivariable Calculus
with Jamie Mulholand
Calculus 3
Introduction to Analysis Coming soon


Note: Art by Bethani L'Heureux. Idea by Veselin Jungic inspired by Salvador Dali's painting The Persistence of Memory (1931) and Veselin's experience with teaching a large Calculus I class in the fall 2020 semester.