Population and Ecological Models


Population and ecological modelling sites
Program MARK
European Union for Bird Ringing
VORTEX Population Viability Analysis
RAMAS Population Viability Analysis
Canadian Wildlife Service
Canadian Species-at-Risk (COSEWIC)
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Ecological Society of America
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
American Ornithologists Union
American Fisheries Society
Bird Studies Canada
Partners in Flight
Regional ecology and conservation education
Simon Fraser University (SFU): Centre for Wildlife Ecology
SFU: School of Resource and Environmental Management
University of British Columbia (UBC): Fisheries Centre
UBC: Centre for Applied Conservation Biology
BC Institute of Technology: Fish, Wildlife...
University of Northern BC: Environmental Studies
Okanagan University College: Biology
BC Conservation Data Centre
Some practitioners in quantitative population ecology and demography
Dr. David Anderson
Dr. Loo Botsford
Dr. Ken Burnham
Dr. Colin Clark
Dr. Evan Cooch
Dr. Ray Hilborn
Dr. Marc Mangel
Dr. James Nichols
Dr. Randall Peterman
Dr. Carl Schwarz
Dr. Carl Walters
Dr. Gary White
Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
CBC Radio Vancouver
Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympics 2010
Weather for Vancouver
Vancouver All News Radio
Government of Canada
Government of British Columbia (BC)
City of Vancouver
National Hockey League
Canadian Football League
Canada Adopts!