Donations of all sizes have made a tremendous impact on Simon Fraser University students, researchers and the greater community! See this SFU newsletter for some highlights.

With its many members, the Centre for Cell biology, Development, and Disease (C2D2) is very active in training highly qualified personel (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) that represent the future scientists who will drive biomedical research in Canada and abroad. The ultimate research goals of C2D2 is to provide novel insights, and potential therapeutic applications, for a broad range of human clinical ailments—including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other neurological ailments (e.g., epilepsy), bacterial infections, and various birth defects of the brain and skeletal systems, for example.

Any donations to help support graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, or for common research infrastructure that can be used to study cells and tissues relevant to human diseases, would be extremely valuable to C2D2.

Specific Donation opportunities

  • biomedical research conducted by C2D2 members would benefit tremendously from having a Super-resolution microscope to study cellular proteins, structures and processes in unprecedented detail. Please refer to the Microscopy Facility For Cell Biology Research page for more details.

For other inquiries regarding donations, please contact

Cheryl Bosley, Senior Associate Director, Advancement, Faculty of Science

email: Cheryl Bosley |  cell: 604.371.1341