Darcy Cyre

About Darcy:

Darcy is a Cree man who has lived in Snuneymux territory for 30+ years. Darcy’s career has been immersed in food sovereignty, indigenous medicines/plants as well as food and cannabis production. Darcy has been a participant in political and social activism in the Vancouver Island and provincial Indigenous community, advocating for Indigenous inclusion and advancement in self-governance (sovereignty), social economy and return of traditional lands.

Darcy hopes to approach the challenges in his area of work related to food and medicine security, in particular the economic opportunities within the cannabis and food industries. Darcy would like to help disseminate education that empowers communities to increase their own food security and economic independence. He sees food shortages and price increases as an indication that every community needs to start becoming involved in food for their local economy. Darcy believes growing food and cannabis will provide not just essential needs but will contribute to the local economy allowing for money to go towards needs like housing, safe communities and land acquisition for cultural needs.

Through the program, Darcy hopes to learn to successfully translate ideas into economic realities. He wants to learn how to assist First Nations to capitalize on the exploding cannabis market and the un-tapped hemp opportunities, and remove barriers impeding the economic progress and decrease poverty in First Nations.