Economic Developers Association of Canada

Earn points towards your Ec.D. certification through the SFU CED Program!

The SFU CED Certificate program is fully-online, available wherever you live, work and play. It is taught over eight months and contains ALL of the following courses.

Upon successful completion of the SFU CED Certificate, EDAC will award 30 points in total, based on the following allocation of points:

Group 1: 10 points

  • CED121 Indigenomics 1: CED and Reconciliation 
  • CED122 Economic Development for Well-being 
  • CED123 Sustainable Development: People, Planet and Places 
  • CED124 Locanomics 1: Principles for Community Prosperity 
  • CED127 Resilience 1: Community Economic Resilience

Group 2: 10 points

  • CED126 Sustainable Leadership 1: Making Change Happen
  • CED222 Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Value
  • CED228 Financing CED 1
  • CED321 CED Project

    These courses (which are contained within the certificate), earn you an additional 2.5 points for each course:

  • CED125 Rural CED 1: Natural Resource Communities in Transition
  • CED223 Co-operative Economic Systems
  • CED230 CED Approaches to Food
  • CED231 Developing CED Accelerators and Labs


How to obtain the Certified Ec.D.from EDAC

  • Must be an EDAC Member in good standing
  • Minimum of 3+ Years of economic development experience
  • Accumulation of 45 Points (of which the SFU CED Certificate earns you 30 points)
  • Complete EDAC’s Exam with 75% or higher

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