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Earn your MBA in CED after completing the certificate.

A message from George Karaphillis, the Associate Dean at Cape Breton University's Shannon School of Business and Director of the MBA in Community Economic Development Program:

We have recently reviewed the curriculum of SFU Certificate for Community Economic Development. 

Although this Certificate by itself does not meet the standard admission requirements for our Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development (MBA in CED) program, it certainly is a good preparatory program for the MBA in CED. 

Students in the MBA in CED program come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, such as social services, healthcare, public service, education, and entrepreneurship. The SFU Certificate for Community Economic Development provides foundation skills in community economic development and in critical thinking and analysis; knowledge and skills that can be built upon at the graduate level in the MBA in CED program. 

Applications from your Certificate for Community Economic Development graduates will be favorably considered for admission into the MBA in CED program, subject to the standard entrance requirements. Mature students without a degree, but with supervisory experience, can apply as non-traditional students. The GMAT entrance requirement may be waived for applicants who have completed all their schooling and undergraduate studies in Canada and have managerial experience, and for applicants who have achieved a B+ /GPA of 3.0 average in their undergrad studies and have earned a B in one quantitative course. 

We also offer advanced standing in the program for your Certificate for Community Economic Development graduates who have successfully completed it at a B+ standard (75% average): 

1. Transfer credit for MBAC5101 – Business and Community Development I (core) 

2. Transfer credit for MBAC6214 – Social Entrepreneurship (elective) 

3. Transfer credit for MBAC6233 – Change Management (elective) 

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