The Comparative Media Arts Journal (CMA Journal) is an open-access, peer-reviewed graduate journal of lively inquiry into visual culture, cinema studies, performance studies, and new media arts encouraging intermedial and comparative approaches. Each annual issue is focused by an aesthetic theme. Current graduate students, postdoctoral students, and recent graduates are invited to submit work for publication to CMA Journal. We welcome submissions of scholarly research and essays, exhibition and book reviews, experimental and creative writing, and documentation of artworks in progress.


Call for Papers

CMA Journal: ISSUE SIX – Aesthetics of HETEROGENEITY

Inspired by a dynamic view of the notion of diaspora and its Greek origin speiro, meaning “to sow” or “to disperse,” this issue of the CMA Journal will broadly examine the multicultural influence on 'diaspora artworks' as well as the issue of the aesthetics of heterogeneity in the arts.

Submission deadline: February 18, 2019