Review Guide

The Comparative Media Arts Journal

Review Guide

Your submission will be viewed by the CMA Journal’s Peer Review Committee to determine whether the subject matter and quality fits the thematic call. Initial assessment will include the quality of writing, structure, originality and proper references. If the submission passes the first review, two Reviewers will provide a blind review to independently assess the paper. Reviewers will be asked to provide feedback for all submissions regardless of whether they are chosen for publication.

Our Peer Review Committee consists of a changing roster of early-career scholars. If you are a faculty, postgraduate, graduate student or a recent graduate with an academic interest in media arts and are interested in becoming a Reviewer or assisting the Editorial Committee, please contact us at

Submission Process

  • Please email submission to 
  • Submissions should be no less than 500 words and no more than 5000 words
  • Submissions should follow Chicago Style in-text citation
  • Papers submitted past the deadline will not be considered
  • Please submit your paper in MS-Word (*.doc or *.docx) format.

Accepted Submission

The Peer Review Committee recommends that the submission should be accepted with no changes.

Accepted With Major Revisions

The Peer Review Committee sees merit in the submission, however the author will be required to make extensive changes and resubmit for further review. If changes are accepted, the Reviewers will forward recommendations for publication.

Accepted With Minor Revisions

Author will be required to make changes before publication. Changes will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee.

Rejected Submission

This includes submissions rejected because the content is not suitable for the journal, or because the quality of the submission is too far below the standards of the journal. If the submission is unsuitable for publication in the CMA Journal, the Peer Review Committee will forward recommendations for re-submission elsewhere.