Using Disqus Comments

Creating a Disqus account

  1. Sign up for a Disqus account. This account will act as the primary moderator for a given site.

  2. Choose a username. This can be based on your department, program, or you can use your own name. Remember that his username will be displayed when a moderator leaves a comment, so choose something appropriate for your site.

  3. Click the "Next Step" button to continue to the next section.

Adding a website to your Disqus account

  1. In the Add Disqus to your site page, enter your website information.

  2. Choose an appropriate "Site Name" (e.g., IT Services).

  3. Create an "Admin URL" that reflects the Site Name. This URL is used to moderate and manage Disqus component used on your site.

  4. Choose a category for the type of content on your website. Click the "Finish Registration" button to confirm the addition of the site to your Disqus account.

The process for adding a website to your Disqus account is now complete. You can ignore the "Choose Your Platform" screen as setup is automated by the component in AEM.

Adding Disqus to your AEM page

Setting up Disqus in the Siteconfig:

  1. Navigate and open your Site Configuration page in AEM to add Disqus to your site.

  2. Right-click and select edit to modify the Variables section containing the Disqus Shortname.

  3. Enter the Disqus Shortname for the site.

    A Shortname is derived from your Admin URL by excluding from the Admin URL. The example below shows the Disqus Shortname sfutest that is derived from

  4. Click OK to finish the setup of your Disqus account.


Note: The Disqus component cannot be configured on the page in the Editing Window. A message "This component has no configurable options" will appear. You must set up your Disqus component site-wide using the Site Configuration page.

Adding Disqus to a page:

  1. Drag and drop the Disqus component from the Social section of the Sidekick.

  2. Disqus configures itself automatically after it is added to a page.


Note: The Disqus component is only viewable on the live site. In Author, a message stating "View this page on the live site to see the Disqus component." will appear.


Visit the Disqus Knowledge Base to learn more about its features and functionality.

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