Using a Site Configuration Page

A site configuration page allows you to set global properties for your site like site-wide stylesheets and scripts. It also sets the home page for your site.

How do I create a Site Configuration page?

  1. In the WCM, create a new page at the root level of your site by clicking New…
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the templates list and select Site Config Page (new CLF).
  3. Enter "Site Configuration" in the Title field.
  4. Name the page "siteconfig".

A site configuration page needs to be linked to the root (home) page of your site.

  1. Open the Site Configuration page in the Editing window.
  2. Double click the Home Page and Parent Site Page component at the top of the template.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon in the Home Page field and navigate to the home page of your site.
  4. Click OK.

Note: In order for the left hand navigation to work properly, the Site Configuration page must be activated before your site is launched and after any changes have been made to the page.

Adding custom stylesheets and scripts

Horizontal template

Custom CSS/JS is not available in the horizontal template to ensure consistent user experience across all SFU websites. Please contact Communications & Marketing to discuss other options.

Every vertical template site includes the default SFU stylesheets and scripts. In order to build upon this foundation, you can develop your own custom stylesheets and scripts. To add custom stylesheets or scripts:

  1. Add the .css or .js file to the DAM. (You may wish to organize your files into appropriately-named folders in order to protect them from other authors.)
  2. From the Site Configuration page, double-click the Site Libraries component. Click on the [+] beside the appropriate field and navigate to the file in the DAM. Your style/script will be loaded on both the home page and all child pages of your site.

Note: JavaScript files are disabled in the authoring environment when in Edit mode. To preview JavaScript behaviour, go into preview mode and refresh your browser.