SFU's School of Computing Science has several faculty members with expertise in the many aspects of visual computing. Our faculty's expertise spans across the vast spectrum of computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, robotics, human-computer interactions and network communication. Click on a faculty member's name to view their profile and contact information.


Computer vision is an area of study that enables computers to see, identify and prcoess images in the same way that human vision does, and then provide approriate output. Computer vision is concerned with the theory behind aritificial systems that extract information from images and then apply these theories and models for the construction of computer vision systems.

Greg Mori

Research Interests: Computer vision and machine learning, looking into object recognition, human activity recognition and human body pose estimation.

Yasutaka Furukawa

Research Interests: 3D computer vision and deep learning.


Ghassan Hamarneh

Research Interests: Medical image analysis and biomedical computing.

Ze-Nian Li

Reserach Interets: Multimedia, computer vision.

Ping Tan

Research Interests: Computer vision, computer graphics, robotics, 3D reconstruction, image-based modeling, image and video editing, lighting and reflectance modeling.

Brian Funt

Research Interests: Computational vision and image processing, with an emphasis on computational models of colour vision.

Mark Drew

Research Interests: Multimedia, computer vision, computer graphics, colour.  


Computer graphics refers to the creation, storage and manipulation of images and models. Algorithms and data structures are used to draw images using computers with the help of programming. Topics under this area of study include modelling, geometry, animation, 3D, 2D, digital images, 3D viewport, real-time rendering, compositing, user interface design, vector graphics, among others.   

KangKang Yin  

Research Interests: Computer animation, computer graphics, humanoid robotics, machine learning, multimedia analysis.

Manolis Savva

Research Interests: Computer graphics and computer vision focusing on human-centric 3D scene analysis, 3D scene synthesis for VR/AR content creation and learning through simulation, connecting natural language with 3D representations and data visualization.

Angel Chang

Research Interests:  linking natural language with visual and 3D representations, natural language processing, grounded natural language understanding, common sense reasoning for artificial intelligence.

Richard (Hao) Zhang

Research Interests: Computer graphics with special interests in geometric modeling, analysis and synthesis of 3D contents (e.g., shapes and indoor scenes), machine learning as well as computational design, fabrication, and creativity.

Eugene Fiume

Research Interests: Computer graphics, looking into problem of illumination, geometric modelling, computer animation, digital imaging and graphic software construction. 


Machine learning is a subfield of computing science that deals with algorithms or models that learn patterns in data and are then applied to new data to predict similar patterns. While machine learning is not new, its application has gained new prominence due to the increasing amounts of data generated today.  With big data, machine learning can yield even more interesting and accurate insights and predictions. But there are also new challenges, such as ensuring that predictions are delivered quickly and efficiently in real time.

Greg Mori

Professor Mori's interests are listed above in the Computer Vision section.

Anoop Sarkar

Research Interests: Machine learning, natural language processing, computational linguistics, probabilistic grammars and formal language theory.

Yasutaka Furukawa

Professor Furukawa's interests are listed above in the Computer Vision section.

Oliver Schulte

Research Interests: Machine learning, computational logic, computational decision theory.

Maxwell Libbrecht

Research Interests: Computational biology, machine learning and big data.


An interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering, this area of study looks into the conception, design, construction and operation of robots - devices that can move and react to sensory input. 

Richard Vaughan

Research Interests: Robotics and autonomous systems including autonomous mobile robots, multi-robot systems, human-robot interaction, and robot software engineering.

Mo Chen

Research Interests: Reachability analysis, robotic safety, system decomposition, parallel computation, principled machine learning and human-robot interactions.



Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a multidisciplinary field of study on the use and design of computer technology, particularly focusing on the interactions between humans and computers. 

Parmit Chilana

Research Interests: Human-computer interactions focusing on designing social, usable and interactive technologies.

Angelica Lim

Research Interests: Human robot interaction, affective computing, multimodal perception and learning, developmental robotics.


Cloud computing is about storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of a computer's hard drive. Though the area has seen rapid growth in the last few years, there are challenges relating to the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud services.

Mohamed Hefeeda

Research Interests: Multimedia networking over wired and wireless networks, immersive video processing and delivery, mobile and wireless video streaming, cloud and high performance computing, peer-to peer systems, internet protocols.

Jiangchuan (JC) Liu

Research Interests: Multimedia content, distribution and processing, cloud computing and big data networking, internet architecture and protocols, wireless mobile networking, online gaming and social networking.


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