Qianping Gu

Professor, School of Computing Science


SFU Burnaby, TASC 8029
Webpage:  www.cs.sfu.ca/~qgu/


Ph.D. Computer Science, Tohoku University, Japan, 1988
M.Sc. Computer Science, Ibaraki University, Japan, 1985
B.Sc. Computer Science, Shandong University, China, 1982

Research interests

  • Network communications
  • Parallel/distributed computing
  • Algorithms and computation
  • Machine learning
  • Computational biology

Teaching interests

  • Network communications
  • Graph algorithms

Recently taught courses

  • CMPT 471 Networking II
  • CMPT 497 Capstone Projects
  • CMPT 816 Theory of Communication Networks

Selected recent publications

  • Q. Gu and H. Tamaki, Improved bounds on the planar branchwidth with respect to the largest grid minor size, Algorithmica, to appear
  • Z. Bian, Q. Gu, and X. Zhou, Efficient algorithms for wavelength assignment on trees of rings, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 157, pages 875-889, 2009.
  • M. Marzban, Q. Gu, and X. Jia, Computational study on planar dominating set problem, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 410, No. 52, pages 5455-5466, 2009.
  • Q. Gu and H. Tamaki, Optimal branch-decomposition of planar graphs in $O(n^3)$ time, ACM Trans. on Algorithms, Vol. 4, No. 3, pages 30:1-30:13, 2008.
  • Z. Bian, Q. Gu, M. Marzban, H. Tamaki, Y. Yoshitake, Empirical study on branchwidth and branch decomposition of planar graphs, Proc. Of the 2008 SIAM Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX'08), pages 152-165, 2008.

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