The Centre for Restorative Justice (“CRJ”) is a resource and research centre dedicated to promoting the values and principles of restorative justice through education, research, and dialogue with academics, practitioners and community. Since its founding in 2002 by faculty members in the Simon Fraser University School of Criminology, working in partnership with individuals, the community and justice agencies, the CRJ has made significant contributions to the paradigm of restorative justice, and remains renowned nationally for being among Canada’s foremost research centres in this area. We hope to build on our tradition of excellence in this field.

Additionally, the CRJ provides students of Simon Fraser University with work and volunteer opportunities, access to resources related to restorative justice, and a meeting place to experience community. The Centre facilitates opportunities for academics and practitioners to form partnerships, while enabling access to relevant and up-to-date research and evaluation. In addition, the Centre is always actively seeking opportunities to facilitate knowledge building, information sharing, and community through conferences, lectures and roundtables.

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Dr. Liz Elliott

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