Jessica Lowe

Jessica Lowe began as a volunteer for the BC Bereavement Helpline in October of 2017. In working for BCBH, Jessica soon found a special environment for which she is uniquely suited having lost her three siblings to separate tragedies due to Leukemia, homicide and substance poisoning. Her experience at BCBH lead her to return to school to earn a Social Services Worker Certificate from Langara College. In this work she finds strength and satisfaction using her experiences of perseverance, healing, and endurance to give back to the Helpline and its constituents as a support group facilitator and as Executive Director. She brings with her 20+ years' experience in marketing and advertising which comes in handy in seeking grants, partnerships and donors for BCBH. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Boston University.


British Columbia Bereavement Hotline
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