Katarina Thorsen

Katarina (Kat) Thorsen, is an artist, a creative engagement facilitator and a craftivist passionate in her belief that art can heal and build connections. Katarina specializes in arts-based programming for all ages, in particular engaging vulnerable populations.  The heart of her work is visual storytelling, whole brain engagement and facilitation. Her interactive art events and street art encourages participants to become part of the creative process. Katarina’s own artwork can be found in private collections in North America and Europe.  She published her first book, Drawn Together- Maintaining Connections and Navigating Life’s Challenges with Art, in 2013. Her next book is a true crime analysis in the form of a graphic novel series. Katarina resides in Vancouver, Canada.

"As a creative engagement facilitator, I use restorative art-based practices to create safe a space in which inquiry can flourish and connections can deepen. Within restorative art-based practice, safe and inclusive space is an act of collaboration– between the facilitators and the participants. We co-create the space, start in circle, set intentions, utilize a flexible and dynamic framework and come back to circle for reflection and closing. I utilize mind mapping and gentle art instruction to engage the whole-brain of the participants in order to increase engagement and collaboration, capture dialogue, gather data and to create art and have fun. The process allows for all voices in the room to be heard and we discover together."