The Educational Goals Assessment Process is integrated with the External Review cycle at SFU. For the EG Assessment Process academic units engage in four main activities during a 7 year assessment cycle: defining their educational goals, collecting data, analyzing data, and taking action. This website is intended to support units by providing informational resources, examples, and templates that can be adapted and customized to their unique needs. This website is not intended to be prescriptive or to otherwise detract from what is most appropriate for each unit.

Define program and course level Educational Goals for each academic program offered in individual units, and align Educational Goals with curriculum.

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As a final step in the assessment process, units should develop actions to facilitate continuous program improvement, based on the results of their data analysis.

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The Educational Goals Assessment Process

The SFU Educational Goals Assessment Process.

Collect the required data in order to assess program level Educational Goals. As part of this process, units have to develop an Assessment Plan.

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Analyze and compile collected data in order to evaluate the success of the unit in meeting the Educational Goals of its program(s).

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Goals of this Website

Assessment Planning

Support program and course level assessment planning, analyzing, summarizing, sharing, and using results.

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Implement technologies and tools to support meaningful Educational Goals assessment practices.

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