Ergonomics in the Community

The Association of Canadian Ergonomists is the professional association for practicing Ergonomists  in Canada.  The Association holds yearly conferences and numerous webinars for members.  Student membership is available and recommended for any students interested in pursuing ergonomics

The BC Chapter of ACE holds regular mettings with guest speakers covering a variety of topics.  Opportunities are available to students to get involved with committees and events. ACE Members will receive notices of upcoming events, non-members should contact Abagail Overduin at for information.

The WorkSafe BC Human Factors Community of Practice is a group of researchers and practioners interested in human error and accident prevention in the workplace.  Meetings are held 3-4 times per year and open to students. Contact Jenny Coleman at for more information. 

Quick Links

Join the Student Ergonomists of BC (SEBC) Facebook Group.

The Student representative for the BC ACE Chapter is Nikki Ho.

The president of the BC Chapter is Lisa Lucarino.

The organizer of the Human Factors CoP is Jenny Coleman.