Stanley Park

Forest and Inorganic Parameters Monitoring Program in Stanley Park

Gina Gu, Jianze Pang, Jijie Xu, Stephen Li, Xiangyu, Zhang


The purpose of this project is to establish a complete park inorganic enviornment and forest monitoring plan, using soil, water, and air quality as indicators to asses the current ecological status of Stanley Park. Our ultimate goal is to evaluate whether the park is in line with the current adaption straegy of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, based on the Stanley Park assessment results. 


Due to current events, we were unable to complete the laboratory analysis of our data. Although we could have analyzed other data that we did not collect, we chose not to do this because our assessment is unique. It leaves us a goal and direction for future programs. Therefore, we may not conclude the overall quality status of Stanley Park due to the lack of soil data; however, this methodology can become a possible model to assess the park's ecological status whenever the access is available.

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