Mapping St. George Street

Nathan Eastman, Wayne Jong, William Lusk, Bobbianne Riches, Brian Tai 


With our educational resource we want to educate the public on the importance of green rainwater infrastructure (GRI) and increase support for the St. George Rainway Project. Scientific understanding of GRI’s benefits is not currently well understood by the public. Through our interactive map tool we hope citizens will be able to learn about what GRI and specifically the Rainway Project can bring to the Mount Pleasant area. We also want to see our educational tool be used not just for learning but as a source of engagement between the City of Vancouver and it’s citizens. More broadly we want to foster an interest in learning about the effects of GRI and a desire within the public to communicate and collaborate in the shaping of their city.

Next Steps

As the Rainway is constructed we will continue to update the map resource to reflect the state of construction progress. We can also use data collected on the completed Rainway to add information on exactly how the St. George Rainway is benefiting the community. This could include a decrease in the UHI effect, an increase in biodiversity and more depending on what is monitored. The map can also be updated with GRI exploration challenges or citizen experience surveys. This will help to keep people engaged and learning about GRI in Vancouver and can give people an opportunity to share their opinion on the City’s green future. 

Research Poster

Final Report