Master of Science Program Overview

The master of science (MSc) program prepares graduates for research careers in one of the signature areas that either have been developed or are currently under development within the faculty including: global health; environmental and occupational health; toxicology; maternal and child health; epidemiology and biostatistics; health promotion and disease prevention; infectious diseases; chronic diseases and aging; mental health and substance use; social inequities and health; adolescent and child development; reproductive health; and health policy. The available courses and directed research experiences available will cover health issues from the level of cells, organisms, systems, communities and populations, encompassing and transcending strictly individual or clinical perspectives.

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  • Full-Time (Part-Time also offered)
  • 2-3 years
  • Min. 12 units of graduate coursework
  • MSc Thesis Proposal and Defence required

The MSc curriculum is flexible by design. Students, in consultation with faculty advisors, create a curriculum plan that will best help them meet their research and career goals. A disciplinary--specific application of the scientific method shall be common to all MSc curriculum plans.

Formal academic instruction is available in regularly taught courses within the faculty as well as in other SFU Faculties and Departments, and other universities in western Canada through the Western Deans’ Agreement. In addition, directed studies and directed research courses may be available in specific areas.

Program Details

The FHS MSc program is a research degree that is designed to incorporate a focus on one or more of the thematic areas of research expertise within FHS and to introduce students to interdisciplinary concepts in health sciences research. The minimum requirements for an MSc degree are:

  • Completion of 12 units of graduate coursework
  • Writing and defence of a MSc thesis proposal
  • Writing and defence of a MSc thesis.

Supervision and Training

It is required that prospective students communicate with and attain the support of a senior supervisor before admission to the program. Please review the SFU Dean of Graduate Studies tips for "Looking for A Supervisor."

MSc students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 during their time in the program.

Anticipated completion time

The anticipated completion time of all program requirements for students enrolled in the MSc program is 2-3 years (6-9 semesters) from initial enrollment, depending on the research discipline and progress in the program. In accordance with SFU's Graduate General Regulations 1.12.2, the maximum allowable time for completion of MSc requirements is 4 years (12 terms) of full--‐time equivalent enrollment. In addition, all requirements of the MSc degree must be completed within 6 calendar years of initial enrollment.