Prospective Tutors

As a Friends of Simon tutor you have an opportunity to serve in multicultural settings and contribute to the school success of newcomers to Canada. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, Friends of Simon tutors earn hourly wages that help them with their own university expenses.

Benefits of Being a Tutor

  • Develop professional abilities such as leadership, public speaking, communication, team building and organizational skills
  • Make a difference in local communities
  • Learn instructional practices
  • Work as a team member with other like-minded students from a variety of faculties and disciplines
  • Have fun and meet new people!

Experiences From Previous FOS Tutors

"This program has a very subtle way of re-acquainting you with the people and issues we often see from a comfortable distance and sensitizes you to the challenges of being an immigrant or refugee... Helping these kids to see a world of possibilities out there for them and making sure they know how special and appreciated they really are helped me to embrace diversity and embody the same for the kids... I feel like a more useful member of the community."

- Oshi Mathur, Biomedical Engineering, SFU Alumnus

"This experience has changed me by teaching me to respect the learning abilities of each child."

- Sanj Hayer, English, sfu alumni

"The importance and need for education is universal. Immigrant and refugee children are just as eager to learn and progress as children born in Canada... Friends of Simon allows SFU students to reach beyond the campus and interact with the community."

- Harveer Ladhar, Political Science, sfu alumna

Tutor Application

Friends of Simon Tutoring Project, affiliated with the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, invites undergraduates to apply for part-time paid positions as tutors in after-school programs.

This program provides an excellent opportunity to broaden teaching skills with supported training and on-site experience. 

Wages: $18-$20/hr (As of Fall 2024)
Requirements: Successful applicants will receive compensation for training and must commit to:

  • Attending all scheduled training sessions with faculty at SFU.
  • Tutoring at least 2 afternoons a week, between 2:00-6pm for at least a two semester commitment.
  • Undergoing a police record check (only candidates with no records of criminal convictions and no information related to charges, regardless of dispositions or non-convictions, located in police databases will be eligible for employment).

Tutor job description


To apply online, follow these steps:

  • Go to myinvolvement.sfu.ca (we recommend using Google Chrome to access myInvolvement)
  • Click on 'Student', and log in with your SFU ID and password
  • Click on Opportunities > Getting Involved, and then on "All Current Opportunities"

For more information, please contact the Friends of Simon Program Office at SFU: fosimon@sfu.ca

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU.