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Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Ovis Canadensis
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Hi I am Charlie Distribution
Howdy, I'm Charlie the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Here is where I live in British Columbia
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Here what I sound like in the wild.......
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Howdy, I am Charlie the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. I live in North America along the Rocky Mountains. I also live in a Provincial Park, in British Columbi,a where people come to see me. I like these mountains because they provide shelter for me. None of my predators will go that high up thats why they are save. While I am in the mountains I find lots of things to eat. These things include grasses, shrubs and sedges. I find these in areas that have low precipatation in the winter. So that means in valleys and to a max of 600 meters. This is so I dont have to deal with to much snow. In the Summer I usually am between 2000-2500 meters. This is where my favorite grasses grow. All this is found in my B.C. park that protects me. This is called the Junction Sheep Range Provincial Park. Here, I share the park with another type of sheep, my cousin the California Big Horned Sheep. Feel free to come and visit me and my friends. If you click on the arrow I'll show you where it is.
If you click on the the arrow to the right I will explain to you how you can tell me apart from other sheep. As well, I will tell you why many of my friends are not around any more and what you can do to help.
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