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This is what I sound like.
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Pallid Bat Distribution of the Pallid Bat
Hello everyone, my name is Winston and I am a Pallid Bat. This is what I look like. I am different from other bats because I have big brown eyes and big ears. Other distingushing features is my square nose and my big teeth. My fur is short and pale brown/cream. I am 92 to 135 mm long with a wing span of 13 to 15 inches. For a Canadian Bat, I am quite large. If you look at this map you can see where I like to live. I can be found in the Southern Okanagan for Okanagan Falls to Osoyoos. The red dots represent indicate confirmed breeding grounds for my family. I like to live at low elevations (3000-4000 meters) and near rocky outcrops and water. That is why I like the lakes here.
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