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Two Bison North American Habitat
Hello, our names are Wild Bill and Buddy. We are both Wood Bison. Our latin name is Bison Athabascae. We became endangered in the year 2000. In the early 18th century we had an estimated population of 1680,000, but by 1893 there were only 250 of us left, we had been hunted to near extinction. We were saved in 1964 when a legislation was passed that made us a protetected species. Today we like to live in the Northeastern part of British columbia, as well as the Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta. This Map indicates the past and present areas where we used to lilve. The larege black area is where our cousins, the plains buffalo used to inhabit, and the red and green is where we used to live, but now we can only be found in the red areas. Click on the map to see a better detailed illustration.
In the summer we like to live in the northern willow pastures, but during the fall we like to live in the forests were we can eat lots of lichens. We Wood Bison are very social animals, which means that famly is very important to us. Because of this we travel in small or large herds throughout the year. We are North Amerivca's largest land mammal. We can weigh up to 1000 kilograms.

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