Together with the Gerontology Research Centre, the Department serves as a focal point for research, education and information on individual and population aging. We offer a Minor, Diploma, Masters, and Ph.D. with concentrations in 'environment and aging' or 'health and aging'. Courses  take place at SFU’s downtown Vancouver campus. 

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The Social Sciences and Humanities of Canada Funded Study (2014-2018) "Parental Transitions to Retirement Study" 
led by Dr. Barbara Mitchell (Principal Investigator) is currently

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Professor Mitchell describing GERO 408, a Gerontology course in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at SFU YouTube Link

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Recent Faculty Publications

Fact Book on Aging for British Columbia and Canada - Sixth Edition

A.V. Wister; A. Sixsmith;
R.G. Adams; L. Kadowaki