Habib Chaudhury

Professor and Chair | Associate Director of the Gerontology Research Centre

T: 778-782-5232

Expertise: Aging and the built environment; long-term care; seniors' housing; neighbourhoods for active aging; environments for people with dementia; age-friendly communities; dementia-friendly communities; qualitative research methods

Theodore D. Cosco

Associate Professor 


Expertise: Healthy aging: functional trajectory modelling, resilience in adversity, positive psychology, social support, social isolation, loneliness, lifestyle behaviors (e.g. physical activity); Mental health: wellbeing, quality of life, depression, anxiety; Life course epidemiology: longitudinal analysis, latent variable modelling, population-level health; Research methods: qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistics, data collection, survey methods; eHealth: health and technology, mobile health, technology-driven data collection methods, the internet of things

Mei Lan Fang

Assistant Professor | Urban Studies and Department of Gerontology


Expertise: Age-friendly cities and communities; aging in the 'right' place; digital inequities, aging and health; aging and technology; palliative and end of life care; inclusive aging spaces and places; seniors' housing; community-based participatory research; transdisciplinary working; co-creation; knowledge mobilization; creative methodology; qualitative research methods and evidence reviews

Gloria Gutman

Professor Emeritus

T: 778-782-5063

Expertise: Senior’s housing; long-term care; health promotion; elder abuse; gerontechnology; LGBT aging; age-friendly hospitals and communities; seniors and emergency preparedness; increasing advance care planning in marginalized groups and ethnic minorities

Atiya Mahmood

Professor |  Graduate Program Chair

T: 778-782-7635

Expertise: Environmental Gerontology and community-engaged research with a focus on the following: a) Mobility, access and social inclusion outcomes for older adults and persons with disabilities within the physical and social environments in their homes and neighbourhoods; b) Housing insecurity, homelessness and aging in the right place; c) Social engagement in multi-unit housing to promote aging in place and intergenerational relationships. Methodological expertise includes qualitative, mixed-method and community-based participatory research.

Barbara A. Mitchell


T: 778-782-5234

Expertise: Families and aging; life-course research; intergenerational relations; mixed-methods research (quantitative and qualitative); social policy issues; health promotion

Theresa Pauly

Assistant Professor | Canada Research Chair in Social Relationships, Health, and Aging

T: 778-782-7834

Expertise: Healthy aging; wellbeing; social relationships; daily social contexts; health behaviours; objective health markers; ambulatory assessment; quantitative research methods

Andrew Sixsmith

Professor | Director of the STAR Institute

T: 604-783-7192

Expertise: Technology for independent living; theories and methods in aging and understanding the innovation process; technologies to connect people; technology policy and the digital divide

Andrew Wister

Professor | Undergraduate Program Chair | Director of the Gerontology Research Centre

T: 778-782-5044

Expertise: Collection and analyses of health and social data addressing baby boomer health dynamics; environmental adaptation among older adults; patterns of family and social support; aging; health promotion and population health; statistical methods; life-course trends and transitions

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

John Best

Term Lecturer | University Research Associate


Expertise: Behavioral science; cognition; statistics; executive function; rehabilitation medicine; cognitive neuroscience; lifespan development

Sharon Koehn

Senior Lecturer

T: 778-782-9467

Expertise: Ethnocultural minority and immigrant older adults with a focus on: health and healthcare; health promotion; elder abuse; quality of life

Adjunct Professors

Sarah L. Canham / (SFU Profile), Associate Professor, University of Utah

Heather Cooke, Provincial Coordinator, Knowledge Mobilization at the Alzheimer Society of BC

Susan Crawford, Term Lecturer, Simon Fraser University

Brian de Vries, Professor, San Francisco State University

Lui Franciosi, Adjunct Professor, The University of British Columbia

Lillian Hung, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Senior Care, The University of British Columbia

Laura Kadowaki, Program & Operations Coordinator, United Way British Columbia

Delphine Labbé, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Chicago

Daniel Lai, Chair Professor of Social Work and Gerontology, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dan Levitt, Chief Executive Officer, KinVillage

Kathy Pichora-Fuller, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Ben Mortenson, Professor, The University of British Columbia

Joanie Sims-Gould, Associate Professor, The University of British Columbia

Jeff Small, Professor, The University of British Columbia


Associate Members

Andrew Blaber, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Angela Brooks-Wilson, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Ryan D’Arcy, Computing Science

Scott Lear, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Wendy Thornton, Psychology

Stephen Robinovitch, Engineering Science

David Whitehurst, Health Sciences

Meghan Winters, Health Sciences


Dora Lau
Manager, Academic and Administrative Services

Sasha Gill
Graduate Program Assistant

Heidi Antolick
Research Grants & Projects Coordinator

Sarah Qiu
Communications Coordinator, Alumni Outreach & Community