Linguistics Grad Student Association - LGSA

The LGSA is YOUR student organization where we discuss and act on concerns related to being a grad student in linguistics here at SFU. The LGSA is responsible for, among other things: 

  • Maintaining the grad student section of the department web site 
  • Creating the departmental newsletter 
  • Providing support for the faculty in charge of the colloquium series 
  • Deciding how to disperse our Grad Student Services funding 
  • Providing a liason with the faculty so we know what the department is up to and they know what our concerns are 
  • Supporting each other in our professional development 
  • Providing a liason with the GSS and the TSSU

GSS-Caucus Constitution, LGSA updated September 18, 2012

Most recent minutes

Meeting minutes: May 22, 2019

Meeting minutes: January 17, 2019

Meeting minutes: September 27, 2018

Meeting minutes: January 13, 2018

Meeting minutes: January 13, 2017 

Meeting minutes: September 21, 2016

Meeting minutes: May 09, 2016

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Meeting minutes: September 21, 2015

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Meeting minutes: September 5, 2013

Meeting minutes: January 15, 2013

Meeting minutes: September 18, 2012

Meeting minutes: May 24, 2012

Meeting minutes: September 16, 2011

Current Officers: 2016-2017 school year

President Kelli Finney
Vice President Emma Mileva
Treasurer Kyeong-min Kim
Secretary Irina Presnyakova
GSS Representative(s) Noortje De Weers
TSSU Steward(s) Zack Gilkison and Lydia Castro
Faculty Council Representative Emma Mileva
Working Papers in Linguistics Main Editor Noortje De Weers
Working Environment Committee Kyeong-min Kim
Colloquium Committee Luca Cavasso 
Newsletter (LingLink) Committee (TBA)
Networking Events Committee (TBA)
Gradlings website maintenance Zack Gilkison