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Celebratory Research Poster Sessions

To create an opportunity for students to share their projects in a poster session designed to meet educational goals. It is also an opportunity for students to celebrate each other’s accomplishments in the class.

The non-graded awards are designed to include students who may not think quantitative analysis is their strength, but nonetheless put creativity into the conceptual development of their projects and effort into their assignments.


  1. Students present their project and findings to each other in a poster session at the end of the term. These project topics were chosen by the students (see Using Data to Answer Questions resource
  2. The distribution of non-graded awards were decided on by peers. 


Sample award categories include: 

  • Most compelling presentation
  • Best visuals
  • Most surprising findings


Students have the opportunity to create a poster and talk about their research on a topic they care about, helping them recognize and be proud of how much they accomplished during the term. 

The awards process underscore a long-term message that there are a variety of skills, beyond only quantitative skills, that are also important in conducting and communicating about quantitative research projects


These activities were done in a Quantitative Methods course and can be adapted to other disciplines and teaching platforms.