Well-being in learning environments

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Over 300 faculty members and instructional staff across SFU are developing resources to foster well-being in learning environments. These resources include in-class activities, teaching practices, content to share with students, and much more.

Rationale for this project

"It is widely accepted that health and well-being are essential elements for effective learning" (El Ansari and Stock, 2010).

When we support well-being in our learning environments, we can better support our students in reaching academic success. Read about the history and research that informs this project.  

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The Well-being in Learning Environments project is a network of SFU faculty members and instructional staff committed to creating conditions for well-being in learning environments. See examples of actions they’re taking.

This project is an initiative of SFU Health Promotion and the CEE (Centre for Educational Excellence.

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Well-being through the Supervisory Process: A Guide to Action

As part of the Student Experience Initiative, SFU Health Promotion, Health and Counselling Services and  Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies developed a faculty and graduate student version of the Well-being through the Supervisory Process: A Guide to Action. Contributions from SFU faculty champions and graduate students make this framework an excellent tool for conversation.

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Guide to Embed Well-Being into Remote Learning Environments

Need help fostering health and well-being in remote or online learning environments? 

Find practical tips, strategies and resources using our Guide to Embed Well-Being into Remote Learning Environments.

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Guide to 10 Conditions

Looking for easy tips on supporting student well-being?

Explore our Guide to 10 Conditions for Well-being in Learning Environments with quick ideas you can implement today.

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