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Creative Pre-class Activities for Social Connectedness and Student Engagement

These activities increase student engagement and help students start off the class connected and with their brains activated.


Absenteeism and late arrivals both reduced after these activities were introduced at the start of classes. Students start the class connected and brains activated in a creative activity.


These activities were embedded in a synchronously delivered School of Sustainable Energy Engineering class on Zoom. They can be adapted to other teaching platforms.


Learn more about Taco’s reflections and approach to remote teaching here


Colouring pages

  • Download a colouring page from the internet or use one from Creative Collective
  • Share your screen with students
  • Encourage students to annotate the page with the Zoom annotate tools during the 5 minutes before class  


Jigsaw puzzles

  • Create a jigsaw puzzle at with any available image 
  • Share the link with students during the first few minutes before class