The SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies is one of the leading international centres for research into Greece's history, language and culture, and the largest in North America.

Thanks to our many generous supporters and partners, the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies is able to attract top academic talent through its many endowed chairs and professorships, and to support emerging scholars through postdoctoral fellowships. At the same time, the Centre supports the dissemination of research on Modern Greek history and culture through the online Journal of Modern Hellenism, a collaboration between the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies, the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of Queens College (City University of New York) and the Hellenic Studies Program at California State University, Sacramento.

Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC Chair in Hellenic Studies

Hellenic Studies Professorship in Mediterranean and Aegean Societies and Cultures

Edward and Emily McWhinney Professorship in International Relations

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Research