SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies Visiting Scholar: Dr. Larisa Vilimonović

January 22, 2019

We were pleased to welcome Dr. Larisa Vilimonović to our offices at Simon Fraser University as part of the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies Visiting Scholar Program. Dr. Vilimonović is an Assistant Professor of Byzantine history in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade in Serbia, and author of Structure and Features of Anna Komnene’s Alexiad: Emergence of a Personal History from Amsterdam University Press’s Central European Medieval Studies Series.

SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies Visiting Scholar Program brings emerging and established scholars of Hellenic Studies to Simon Fraser University to research and study at the Centre. Visiting Scholars share their research with the Centre through public talks and student seminars. An important goal of the program is to nurture emerging scholars, while at the same time create lasting intellectual connections between scholars at the Centre and internationally.

Dr. Vilimonović arrived in early January and in addition to sharing in our intellectual community, also presented two seminars as part of the HS Seminar Series. The first talk on January 11th was on civic discourse in Byzantine historiography and was titled “Techne Historike – Deliberations on the Literary Aspects of the Byzantine Public Civic Discourse.” On the following Friday, January 18th, she presented a second talk that focused on gender stereotyping in Byzantium and was entitled “Reading and understanding gender stereotyping in Byzantium: A feminist dialogue with Zonaras.” Our community was very engaged by Dr. Vilimonović’s research and her talks attracted colleagues from outside the Centre, including our friends in the Department of Humanities.

Dr. Vilimonović stay in the Centre has now come to an end, but we hope to host her again in the near future.

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