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Our fall compilation: event recordings and online survey now available

December 10, 2020

We are pleased to announce that this fall's event recordings are now available for viewing. To access the recordings, use the links below or visit our YouTube channel

Fall Seminar Series

Church, State & People(s): Educational Policies & Medieval History Curricula - Jovana Anđelković

Back Through the System...Again: Taking Apart the Aegean Bronze Age - Dimitri Nakassis

Going After Eva Palmer Sikelianos - Artemis Leontis

Mapping the Margins: Introducing the Central Achaia Phthiotis Survey - Margriet Haagsma

A Memory Called Empire: Science Fiction from a Byzantinist's Frame - AnnaLinden Weller

Swinging Democracy: Law in Early Hellenistic Athens - Ilias Arnaoutoglou

Fourth Annual Edward and Emily McWhinney Memorial Lecture

Charismatic Leadership and its Discontents: The Case of Greece - Harris Mylonas 

Memory and Trauma Through History and Culture Series

Migration Symposium:

Pandemic/s Panel

Thank you once again to all of our attendees, sponsors, co-hosts, and our guest speakers, for bringing this semester to life despite its virtual nature!

If you have a moment, please consider completing this six-minute online survey to provide feedback on our fall events. Your input will be used to shape future programming!

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