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Upcoming film screening and interview with Roman Gerodimos considers future of NATO and relevance of deterrence as security strategy

February 04, 2021

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University, is pleased to offer a film screening of Deterrence, Chapters 6 and 7, on Thursday, March 11th at 1:00 PM PT. Following the screening, assistant professor and holder of the Edward and Emily McWhinney Professorship in International Relations, James Horncastle, will conduct an interview with the film's director, Roman Gerodimos, an associate professor of Global Current Affairs at Bournemouth University, and a faculty member at the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change.

Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 1:00 PM



On the day of the event, attendees will have access to the webinar through Eventbrite. Contact if you have any questions or concerns about your registration.

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Film synopsis

Deterrence is a feature-length documentary written, directed and produced by Dr Roman Gerodimos and co-created with faculty and students at Bournemouth University. The film considers the past, present and future role of NATO in European security. It introduces the concept of deterrence to a general audience and probes its relevance in the 21st century. Deterrence features interviews with 13 senior NATO officials, foreign correspondents, historians, defence consultants and experts from leading think tanks, filmed in the run up or during the 2019 NATO Leaders’ Meeting and the pre-summit NATO Engages conference in London. It also features interviews with 10 undergraduate students studying global current affairs, as well as extensive archival and secondary footage, original motion graphics and animation. Deterrence is narrated by British actor Sam Booth.

Chapter 6: Updating Deterrence asks whether deterrence is even relevant in an age of hybrid and cyber warfare and considers the future of nuclear weapons. It captures young people's concerns about terrorism - an issue that resurfaced during filming in November 2019. We also examine whether and how deterrence can be updated and applied in the context of the 21st century.

Chapter 7: NATO in the 21st Century, offers concluding reflections on NATO’s future role amidst increasing global instability and uncertainty, including the current coronavirus pandemic. We identify some of the key questions - the issue of unity, NATO's partnership with the European Union, the challenge of engaging a sceptical public amidst the noise of social media - that are likely to determine its future survival.

Speaker bio

Dr. Roman Gerodimos is an associate professor of Global Current Affairs at Bournemouth University, and a faculty member at the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change. His research focuses on the challenges facing engagement, democracy, and global security due to globalization, digitization, and extremism. He has led research projects funded by NATO, the UK Department for International Development, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Independent Social Research Foundation, and has published in numerous academic outlets across the political and social sciences. He has also written, directed and produced four award-winning short and documentary films, including his latest film Deterrence.

Roman is the founder and convenor (2004-2017) of the Greek Politics Specialist Group - the largest international network of social science scholars on Greece. He is the winner of the Arthur McDougall Fund Prize, awarded by the Political Studies Association, for his research on digital youth civic engagement.

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