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Edtech Awards 2021 finalist Staellinika launches Greek mythology course for children

May 25, 2021

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic and with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), is pleased to announce the launch of Staellinika’s highly anticipated Greek mythology course.

Designed for children aged 8 and older, the eight-module course invites young learners to uncover the adventures of some of Greece’s most beloved heroes and villains including Hercules, Icarus, Daedalus, Perseus, and Medusa, amongst others. In each module, learners will be guided by exciting visuals to understand how the city of Athens came to be named, how the Trojan War came to an end, how the Olympic Games were born, etc.

An online platform and suite of apps developed by the SNF New Media Lab at the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies, Staellinika is designed to connect individuals, ranging from preschool-aged children to young adults living in the Greek diaspora, with their heritage language and culture. The full version of Staellinika launched last October and already has 30,000+ registered users. This number continues to grow.

Staellinika was named a finalist in this year’s EdTech Awards in the Language Learning Solution category. The EdTech Awards were established in 2010 to recognize and celebrate the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology.

SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies Director Dimitris Krallis had this to say about this recent recognition for Staellinika and about the launch of its new course:

Staellinika has always been a multifaceted tool. Language learning is about so much more than the technical intricacies of grammar, it's about engaging in one’s history and culture. This new course relies on Staellinika’s existing pedagogical strengths of gamification, microlearning, and personalization to deliver a memorable and high-quality learning experience for young people living in the Greek diaspora. Our hope is that students participating in the course will learn about Greece’s history, culture and geography, and, as they grow, will come to draw on Greek mythology as a source for creativity and inspiration in their daily lives.

The course is available both on the web, and as an app, making it easily accessible for children learning remotely and for those relying on mobile devices. As is the case with Staellinika’s other courses, parents and teachers will again have the ability to monitor the progress of individual learners and provide feedback.


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You can visit the Staellinika website for more information. The SNF New Media Lab has for years been at the forefront of educational technologies, and you can learn about their current and past projects on the Lab page, elsewhere on our website.