About Us


Our vision is to prevent HIV/AIDS, improve the health and well-being of persons living with and affected by HIV, and engage with the world through HIV/AIDS research, education and dialogue.


We are committed to effectively disseminating novel and community-engaged health and biomedical research, while aiming to address social injustices with the intention of reducing health inequities and treating HIV/AIDS.


We aim to: 

  1. Provide and disseminate innovative scholarship to improve the health and well-being of individuals living with and affected by HIV in diverse settings; 
  2. Contribute HIV vaccine research to prevent, control and cure HIV; 
  3. Build community and global partnerships to enhance HIV research efforts; and
  4. Provide a sustainable, multi-disciplinary platform to train and mentor the newest generation of HIV/AIDS researchers.


Collaboration, Community Engagement, Health Equity, Innovation, Leadership, Scholarship, The Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV, Training & Mentorship, and Social Justice.