Clark, Michael, Peter Riben, and Earl Nowgesic (2002) The association of housing density, isolation and tuberculosis in Canadian First Nations communities, International Journal of Epidemiology 31(5): 940-945

Keywords: crowdinghealthisolationtuberculosis

The authors investigate the relationship between socioeconomic factors and the rates of tuberculosis (TB) in First Nations communities across Canada from the period of 1997-1999. The data was provided by seven First Nations and the Inuit Health Branch Regional TB programmes. The researchers present descriptive statistics concerning rates of TB, housing type, density, household income, and community isolation. Their research showed that the incidence of TB is higher in isolated communities and in communities with higher than average housing density (crowding). The researchers suggest that crowded housing, along with the inadequate health infrastructure, creates an environment of elevated risk for TB transmission in these communities.