Brody, Hugh, Mike Grigsby and David Gladwell (1975) Eskimos of Pond Inlet: The People’s Land, Disappearing World Series, Granada Television (54 min)

Keywords: healthPond Inletresettlement

Grainy video with difficult to read subtitles.

Contains scenes of hunting, as well as some interior & exterior scenes of Pond Inlet. Various residents of Pond Inlet reflect on their contemporary and pre-settlement lives. During a brief discussion of housing, a middle-aged/old couple describe some of the pros and cons of living in settlement houses. The woman states that Whites told them to move to new houses because their old sod houses were the cause of illness. She notes, however, that people are sicker now (with the new houses) than they were when living on the land. The man likes the new houses because they are warmer and because he no long has to worry that his family is cold or hungry while he is away hunting. He does, however, assert that the pre-fabricated houses for Inuit are of a poorer quality than the houses provided to White people.

A small group pays a visit to the ruin of their former camp and describe where different activities occurred as well as where the beds and the kudlaks (stone lamps) were located.