Support Labour Studies

For all students, working people and trade unionists, the Labour Studies Program offers a unique course of study in the university, introducing students to the key issues facing workers today and to the realities of the real world of employment – not to mention a critical perspective on it all from the viewpoint of the working person. Your support makes it possible. 

About the Labour Studies Program

The Labour Studies Program at SFU has been in existence since 1974, servicing the unions with weekend schools, workshops and conferences. It became a small academic program in 1999. It was only in 2010, however, that it became possible to expand the Program, with a group of excellent instructors, first-rate support staff, and a growing body of students and declared minors in Labour Studies.

This all happened because of the interest and foresight of Margaret Morgan, who made a large donation to the university expressly for this purpose, and as a legacy to her husband, ‘Lefty” Morgan.  Now, however, we are in need of more support to keep the Program expanding.

Create a Legacy for Labour Studies

There are many possible ways for individual donors, unions, or foundations to make contributions to the Program that will help to build and support it in the long-run, as the only such program in British Columbia.

Your generosity will be acknowledged not only by the university, but also by the Program on its webpage.

If donations are intended for student scholarships and awards please contact the Director of Labour Studies for further information.

For more information about donations to the Labour Studies Program, please contact
the Program Director or University Advancement.