Invisible to Visible: A Symposium of Contract Faculty Work, June 4 at Congress 2019

June 04, 2019

Note: This event is free and open to the public, however "members of the public are required to register their attendance and obtain a Community Pass." More information on obtaining a community pass online or in person can be found at the Congress 2019 general public page.

About the symposium

At this Symposium, UBC’s Contract Faculty will present their discipline-specific research, as well as innovations in pedagogical practices. The Symposium will provide an opportunity for Contract Faculty at UBC to give research-based papers on specific disciplines and on pedagogical practices, offer a teaching workshop, and showcase their research in an accompanying special exhibition of publications. Panels on topics such as academic freedom and marginalization will present collaborative work between Contract Faculty from UBC and other Canadian campuses. Despite many challenges, Contract Faculty members at UBC have produced impressive research in many fields, and are at the forefront of excellence in shaping student learning and experience. This Symposium is intended to transform Contract Faculty work from invisibility to shining visibility.

More information and event program.