Congratulations fall 2020 labour studies award winners!

December 08, 2020

Congratulations to this semester's Labour Studies award winners! A total of four awards were distributed this semester to two students. Learn more about the recipients below, and find out what they had to say about the significance of receiving these awards.

Ashley Phay

Ashley was awarded the Gary Campbell May Day Memorial Annual Award and the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation Annual Award. She is a fourth year Sociology and Anthropology student minoring in Labour Studies. In her free time she loves to read, write, play video games and most importantly learn new things!

"I am truly thankful for these awards and it's an honour to receive them. During the pandemic I had times when I was worried about money, especially since I was unemployed for a few months. These awards bring a sense of relief now that I will be able to pay for my last semester's tuition with them. I am deeply honoured that I was selected for the awards and just want to thank all of the donors, hard working professors and advisors that made this possible!"

Justin Chen

Justin was awarded the James Clark Award In Labour Studies and the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation Annual Award. He is a fourth-year business student concentrating in Human Resources and Operations Management; he is also pursuing a minor in Health Sciences and a certificate in Labour Studies. Currently, Justin is the president of the SFU Labour Studies Student Union and an executive board member of CUPE Local 3338. Justin enjoys snowboarding, cooking, and walking his dogs in his free time. 

"I am extremely appreciative for being awarded the James Clark Undergraduate Award and the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundational Award for Labour Studies. Through SFU's Labour Studies Program, I have discovered my passions for learning about workers' issues and advocating for workers' rights. As many workers' issues often go unnoticed in our society today, being a recipient of these two awards shows that the volunteer work I do in the labour community is important and necessary. 

Growing up in an era of precarious work and employment, I have always been interested in the relationship between contemporary labour practices, employment systems, and health outcomes. Along with the interactions I have had with labour-affiliated groups, peers, and SFU instructors, I think these two awards play another part in motivating me to pursue a graduate degree in a labour-related field. Looking ahead, I hope to continue spreading awareness about workers' issues in my community and social networks."

A number of awards are available each year to students in a Labour Studies program. To learn more or to apply, visit our Awards and Funding page.