Labour Studies

Congratulations spring 2021 Labour Studies award winners!

March 25, 2021

A big congratulations to the spring 2021 Labour Studies award winners! A total of three awards were distributed this semester to three of our students. Learn more about the recipients below, and find out what they had to say about the significance of receiving this funding.

Jacqueline Leung

Jacqueline was awarded the Gary Campbell May Day Memorial Award. She is currently pursuing a major in political science and minor in labour studies. In addition to being an avid student, she is a volunteer with the Union Gospel Mission where she assists with programs that help people to live healthy, independent lives. In her free time, she loves to travel, swim, watch movies and read.

"I am so grateful for receiving this award; it's an honour and, most importantly, an encouragement to me! Thank you to all of the donors, and to Professor Strauss for her nomination."

Kiara Alexander

Kiara was awarded the Gary Campbell May Day Memorial Award. She is a third year international studies student minoring in labour studies. Currently, Kiara is the Vice President Internal of the SFU International Studies Student Association and the Senior Editor of Her Campus at SFU. In her free time, she loves to travel and explore new places.

“I am deeply honoured to be receiving the Gary Campbell May Day Memorial Award. With the help of this award, I have the ability to further my education in learning about workers’ rights and issues here at SFU. I would like to extend my greatest thanks to the professors and advisors that have graciously supported my academic career and to the donors for supplying me this award.”

Shahvir Sarkary

Shahvir was awarded the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation Annual Award. He is a third-year business and psychology joint-major student who aspires to work in the field of industrial-organizational psychology. He works as a Research Assistant in the Supporting Couples REWE Lab at SFU and is currently the fundraising lead for a nonprofit to help raise awareness about neurological health on and off campus. Shahvir enjoys soccer, trying out new places to eat in Vancouver, and is trying to learn how to skateboard this summer.

"I'm honoured to be chosen for this award and my deepest thank you to the foundation for this recognition. I want to spotlight that coming from a different country to study here in Canada, labour studies has really helped me gather knowledge and a perspective about paid and unpaid work in Canada and the global economy. The importance of labour relations and how it can make or break a company is very essential to shape its culture and predict the longevity of the organization. As I prepare myself to work in a labour-related field, I will always take the best examples and experiences that I gathered from labour studies at SFU and apply them to any organization I work for."

A number of awards are available each year to students in a Labour Studies Program. To learn more or to apply, visit our Awards and Funding page.