Migrant Workers Symposium

May 18, 2017

Sponsered by SFU Labour Studies, Latin American Studies, International Studies, Humanities, and UBC Farm and Latin American Studies, and the Trudeau Foundation.

Growing Worker Power: Innovative Organizing Across the Food System

Saturday March 18, 2017, 9AM-4PM

Room 1700, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Coast Salish Territories

Organizers: Anelyse Weiler (University of Toronto) and Gerardo Otero (Simon Fraser University)

Must register by March 15: http://bit.ly/2l1Q2RC


Session 1: Lenore Newman, UFV, chair

- Amy Coplen, Portland State University

- Geraldina Polanco, University of Waterloo

- Anthony Peeples, Restaurant Opportunities Center United Chicago

- Amy Hanser, University of British Columbia, discussant

Session 2: Hannah Wittman, University of British Columbia, chair

- Rebecca Fuentes and Kathleen Sexsmith, Worker Justice Center of New York, Workers' Center of Central New York, Cornell University

- Robyn Bunn, Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture Okanagan

- Anelyse Weiler, University of Toronto, Justice for Migrant Workers

- Gerardo Otero, Simon Fraser University, discussant

Session 3: Jane Pulkingham, Simon Fraser University, chair

- [Agriculture Workers Alliance/UFCW - unconfirmed]

- Jill Bucklaschuk, University of Guelph

- Kendra Strauss, Simon Fraser University

- Anelyse Weiler, University of Toronto, Justice for Migrant Workers, discussant