Enda Brophy and Jerik Brown Awarded at CAWLS 2018

June 07, 2018

We are pleased to congratulate Associate Professor Enda Brophy and Undergraduate student Jerik Brown on their award-winning work at this year's Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies (CAWLS) Conference.

Language Put to Work  by Enda Brophy
CAWLS Book of the Year Award

Language Put to Work: The Making of the Global Call Centre Workforce studies the exapansion of transnational call centres as a global industry, and examines the working lives of call centre employees. "Weaving rich empirical evidence together with political-economic analysis and theories of resistance, this book argues that the submission of language to the production of value in the call centre is a process of proletarianization rather than professionalization, and that the new working class has widely opposed this transformation" -Palgrave. This book also won the Canadian Communication Association’s Gertrude J Robinson Book Prize at Congress in Regina.

Affect at Work  by Jerik Brown
Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship

The paper is an exploration of the role of affect in male dominated workplaces. Jerik is a Geography major and a member of the Labour Studies Student Union.