SFU Burnaby Campus from the air

Permit Sales Update:

September 15, 2016 - Permits are currently sold out. 

Residence and Housing does have some stalls available in the 700 and 800 Lots, as well as in the Residence Main Lot. If you would like to purchase a permit from them, the decal for Fall Term can be purchased at the Front Desk in the Main building: A 1001. 

These permits are valid until December 19th, 2016. 


Update on Parking congestion & availability:

The start of the semester generally sees an increase in traffic congestion in the parking lots as students, faculty,and staff drive to campus more frequently, and remain on campus longer throughout the day.

Especially during the first few weeks, North Parking and East Parking will reach "lot full" status early in the day; in order to avoid frustration, please allow yourself extra time to park and arrive at your classes/offices. 

We recommend: 

1) If you arrive AFTER 9:30AM North Lot is often full, it may be best to proceed directly to East Parking or South Parking. 

2) If you arrive AFTER 10:30AM or 11:00AM both North Lot and East Lot are often full, it may be best to proceed directly to South Parking.

3) If South Lot fills please follow the direction of parking & traffic staff and they will direct you to the nearest available parking.

Note that Outdoor Permits are valid in any of East Parking, North Parking, and South Parking; if you find one of those lots full, please proceed to one of the other lots within which your permit is valid. Click here for a map of the Parking Lots on campus. 

In order to minimize congestion, Parking & Sustainable Mobility Services has done the following:

1) Added 25 parking spaces to North Parking.

2) Assigned staff to the parking lots to direct traffic to available parking during the first week of classes. 

3) Organized overflow parking to be available should it be necessary. 

Parking Lot Name Changes

A new wayfinding improvement project is now underway across campus. As part of the overall changes to roadway and campus signage, the parking lots have changed:

The large permit/visitor lots have changed from alphabetical naming to geographical naming (e.g. B Lot has become East Parking)

The smaller permit only lots have changed from alphabetical naming to naming according to the nearest building (e.g. E Lot has become Strand Hall Parking) 

For more info., please go here