Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are core values of the Remote Sensing of Environmental Change (ReSEC) lab, and we have long been committed to enhancing these values in our research and related activities. We welcome those from different cultures and backgrounds to join our group and contribute to the diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that brings together diverse perspectives from all group members.

Graduate Students

Fall 2022

We may have a position for a motivated graduate student with a strong remote sensing and GIS background to start from Fall 2022. Research projects to work on will be determined at a later time, but will be related to grassland-wetland ecosystems, precision agriculture, or coastal dynamics. Skills and research experience in vegetation classification, object-based imagery analysis, machine learning and deep learning, remote sensing big data, cloud computing (e.g., Google Earth Engine), and spatio-temporal analysis are desired. Field surveys in the BC Lower Mainland area are anticipated.

To contact me:

If interested, please contact me and send a single PDF document with 1) a 1~2-page cover letter outlining your research interests and experience, remote sensing and GIS skills, and career goals; 2) a full CV; 3) unofficial transcripts; and 4) contact information of three academic or professional referees. Please use “Prospective graduate student” as the subject in your email. More information on university admission requirements (including GPA and proof of English proficiency) and formal application procedures can be found in the Department of Geography Graduate Program.

Interested students are highly encouraged to apply for external funding, incuding SFU Awards and Funding, NSERC Postgraduate Programs, MitacsInternational Scholarship Opportunities, and Scholarships for Students from Abroad.

Post-doctoral Fellows

We are seeking one Postdoc to work on remote sensing for precision agriculture starting Spring 2022. Please see the job post via this link

We welcome applicants with external funding to work as Post-doctoral Fellows in the ReSEC Lab. Research topics are preferred to fall within the thematic research areas in our lab, including grassland-wetland ecosystems, precision agriculture, coastal dynamics, remote sensing big data, or other related areas. External funding opportunities are such as Mitacs Postdoctoral ProgramsBanting Postdoctoral Fellowship, and NSERC Postdoctoral Programs.     

Undergraduate Students

We also seek part-time Research Assistants to join the ReSEC Lab and participate in field and/or lab research. SFU undergraduate students are highly encouraged to apply. Field surveys in the BC Lower Mainland area are anticipated. Please email for more details (use “Prospective undergraduate student” as the subject ).

Undergraduate applicants are also encouraged to apply for external funding, including SFU Undergraduate Student Research AwardsSFU Work Study Program, and Mitacs

Field Survey in Grasslands
Coastal Wetlands
Helicopters for Remote Sensing